Crying is healthy


Do you know that every animal on Earth feels sadness? The difference between human beings and the other animals is that we are taught not to show our griefs because it is something shameful. In our society, women don’t have to be too sensitive, while men are told to “be a man”.

The resistence to crying causes emotional suppression together with physical and psychological complications. We actually should cry if we feel like crying, the same now as we smile when we feel happy. This is our way to express ourselves. Sometimes, the best cure to our problems is as simple as allowing ourselves to feel deeply for a moment.

Crying is healthy! It’s necessary for healing and personal growth:

  1. It prevents health issues
  2. It allows more to come up
  3. It clears your energy field

Crying is designed to handle and process emotions. It’s a natural reaction operated by our body, just like sweating. Whenever we force our body against its natural reactions, we always cause complications within it.

Be yourself without feeling embarassed or crazy! Love yourself without caring of other people’s opinion.

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