Combatting hunger? Cutting calories? Here are 8 useful strategies!

Diet decision concept and nutrition choices dilemma between healthy good fresh fruit and vegetables or greasy cholesterol rich fast food with a man on a crossroad trying to decide what to eat for the best lifestyle choice.

Nowadays, in a time when everything seems to revolve around food, for some people the hunger may be overwhelming and totally out of control. Hunger is not only the key of weight control, but also of both a physical and mental healthy life. Weight loss can be a frustrating struggle for most people; it requires you to cut back calories and this is initially something not well tolerated by your body that tries to protect you and is afraid not to have enough energies any more. Your appetite is influenced by your fat-free mass that affects your metabolic rate. Your calorie-burning mechanisms are related to your need to feed. Hunger is a signal that lets you know if you haven’t eaten enough to keep it all along. So, why do we still eat when we are not hungry? Because there is a difference between eating for sustenance and eating for pleasure. Many of our food decisions have less to do with our physiological need to eat than with our mood.

These situations are dangerous:

  • dining in a group
  • you are sleep deprived
  • you are at a buffet
  • the food comes in a big portion
  • you eat while distracted by the TV
  • you are stressed
  • you drink alcohol

Generally, we tend to overeat anythiung that tastes good. If you keep on eating beyond sustenance, your body may become less sensitive to two of the appetite-regulating hormones: leptine and insuline.


  1. Estabilish your rule of engagement
  2. Estabilish a defensive perimeter
  3. Divide and conquer your opponents
  4. Beef up your offense
  5. Make an empty stomach your ally
  6. Do a gut check
  7. Deploy your medical team
  8. Recognize the enemy within

Some gurus say that you can cut calories without feeling hungry. That’s not true! But if you follow these pieces of advice, you will learn at least how to deal with it.

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