You want to cleanse your body, don’t you?


Why not starting your day with body cleansing lemon ginger water?

This powerful detox will help you both get rid of toxins and boost your immune system.

Sometimes, it’s quite hard to resist sweets and delicious meals in our everyday life and during holidays, right? Isn’t it?

It is a new year now…and with a new year we always have new resolutions like losing weight, living a healthier life and eating healthier, for instance.

I believe that the secret of living healthier and longer is just not being stressed, doing sport, being happy and greatful and havingAi?? balanced diet. This does not mean that we can’t eat what we like. The key is eating in moderation and keeping processed food to minimum.

What is important is to keep a healthy body pH level by alkalizing it….how? By eating certain food like lemons.

Let’s now understand how alkalizingAi?? your body with lemon ginger water:

  • Fill a glass jug with water the night before
  • Place it in the fridge
  • Add the lemon right before drinking (1/2 a lemon for a glass)

Enjoy it!

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