Be careful! Thoughts manipulate the reality around us



Doctor Masaru Emoto is the Japanese scientist who scientifically proved the ability of our mind to create our world to be true.

He made many experiments with water (we are about 70% made of water).
For instance, he made 2 thousands people send positive intentions towards specific water samples; those people didnai??i??t know the existence of other samples located in another place and used as controls.
The crystals formed in the two different sets of samples were evidently different: there were incoherent crystals inside the controls, while regular and symmetrical ones were found inside the others.
Masaru Emoto made another experiment with the rice:
he split a portion of rice into two different containers; than he wrote ai???thank youai??? on the first and ai???you foolai??? on the other.
He told some school children to say those lables loud every time they popped by.
What happened? After a month, the rice with positive thoughts was full of many different insects and molds, while the other one was covered up with a thick single layer of mold without any sign of life.

So, be careful of the thoughts you have! You may become mouldy from your inside!

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