Why you shouldn’t let your kids use iPads?


Technology has improved our life with no doubt. Problems occur when it is abused. Eve Steven Jobs (the founder of Apple) admitted that he would never let his children use iPads: he saw himself the dangers of techonology!

A study in 2013 showed that 38% of children in the U.S.A. under the age of two have used and iPhone or iPad….they became familiar with these technology before being able to speak! Almost every 10-year old child has already his/her own cellphone.

Non-tech schools already exist in Silicon Valley where the children areAi??immersed inAi??hands-on learning activities.

The dangers of new technology are:

  • lack of imagination
  • lack of creativity
  • lack of social intelligence

Today’s generation doesn’t play outside, doesn’t learn from movement and hands-on interaction, doesn’t absorbe information through books, doesn’t socialize directly with other humans except trough a screen….this can be something really dangerous for our mental and physical health!

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