3 ways a full moon can affect your body

How the full moon can affect your body

Although most research has contradicted the claim that a full moon makes people go crazy, there are a few other ways in which the full moon can affect your body. Read on to discover what they are.

1. It can regulate your menstrual cycle
The menstrual cycle lasts roughly 28 days, which is similar to the length of a lunar phase, and studies have shown that women often have their period around the full moon. If you are ovulating with the full moon, you have a better chance of fertility, so it’s a good opportunity to try and conceive.

2. It might change your sleeping patterns
Many people have claimed that it’s harder to get to sleep and stay asleep during a full moon, which could of course simply be because of disruption caused by moonlight shining into the room. However, it is also possible that our body clocks have a natural response to the cycle of the moon and for this reason, it affects our sleeping patterns.

3. It may increase blood loss
It has been found that there is a significant correlation between lunar phase and hospital admissions due to gastrointestinal bleeding. For this reason, surgeons have often refused to operate during a full moon because of the increased risk of death through blood loss.

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