Are you always hungry? How to lose weight permanently!


A phenomenal breakthrough has been made in scientific laboratories, that pushed some researchers forward to more experiments.

This breakthrough was about the beauty and complexity of the systems that control body weight: a mouse fasted for a few days lose weight, but then, when it’s been given free access to food, it eats until it regains all of the lost weight…no more, no less! Otherwise, when a mouse is forced to eat, it temporarily gets fat, but afterward it will avoid food until its weight drops back to normal.

It seems that the animals’ body knows precisely what weight it wants to be, automatically altereting food intake and metabolism¬† to reach a kind of internal set point.

So, the question is: how this “body weight set poin” could be manipulated? Some researchers made a number of different experiments in mice, modifying genes, administering drugs, altereting their diet….they found out that by changing biology, their behavior adapted naturally.

Nowadays, there are numerous weight management clinics where patients are got to follow the Optimal Weight for Life (OWL) program: here the doctors prescribe a low-calorie/low fat diet, regular physical activity and behavioral methods to help people ignore hunger and resist cravings. But when patients come back home, they usually gain all the weight they lost, becoming more depressed than before.

After every meal, hormones, chemical reactions, and even the activity of genes change accordingly to what we eat. These biological effects make the difference between feeling persistently hungry or satisfied, having low or robust energy, weight gain or loss and beteween a lifetime of chronic disease or one of good health.

We should think of diet according to how food affects our bodies and, ultimately, our fat cells…food is not simply a delivery system for calories and nutrients…it’s much more! Let’s get informed, then!

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