Avoid the foods that are killing you!

Junk Food

Processed foods are full of additives and extremely dangerous for our health! We still don’t know the long term effects of eating them.

An example could be the processed meat you find in salami, hot dog, sausage.

Industrially processed food contains fat, salt, preservatives, destrose, sugar, artificial colors and fake flavorings more and beyond.

Not everybody knows that some kinds of meat contain only the proteins of the meat, but many others contain soy, gluten, skin and proteins of other origin.

Pizza and ham products contain the worst kind of meat ever, which is highly hydrogenated.

Our body is not able to process all these harmful products that increase the risk of multisystem organ failure.


Some of the foods you’d better avoid are:

pate, margarine, cheese slices, popcorn, hot dog.

They contain:


– Trans fatty acids

They are artificial fats which damages cardiovascular system.


Monosodium glutamate

Better known as “delicious poison”, may cause hyperactivity, headaches and changes in blood pressure.



They can cause gene mutations.



It’s one of the most dangerous additives that may be a predisposing factor for colon cancer.


– Sodium nitrite

It increases the risk of cancer and heart problems.

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