5 Ways to improve your concentration



Sometimes we wake up feeling lost and we can’t work, study or just fulfill our responsabilities. Distractions can come as a result of external factors, such as noises or voices around you, but they can also come because of internal factors like a thought, a problem or a special situation that may disturb you from the inside.

Regaining your concentration could be very difficult, but fortunately  there are many exercises you may try:

  • An Object

When your concentration becomes a difficult task, you could try to focus your attention on a specific object that you can find around you, just for two or three minutes, without thinking about anything else.

This technique is a simplification of  the candle technique  that consists on looking at a flame for 30 seconds and trying to draw the flame into your mind with you eyes closed.

  • Your breath

An alternative solution could be to concentrate in an internal process like your breath. Close your eyes and breathe deeply, focusing on the way the air goes in and out of your lungs.
This exercise would helps you to connect with your own body. Remember that body and mind work together!

  • Separate

This exercise is useful when the distraction is outside yourself.

The technique consists on pretending that you were somewhere else.

  • Five more 

This exercise is perfect when you have been doing the same activity for many hours. Let forget the final objective and put little steps in between.

  • Little awards

You can combine this technique with the previous one. The technique consists on rewarding yourself when you accomplish an objective.

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