4 Proofs that our consciousness creates our reality

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Our reality is made of materials; materials are made of molecules; molecules are made of atoms; atoms are made of subatomic particles; subatomic particles are made of quarks and quarks are basically made of vibrations and empty space.
So, physical reality does not really exist…it just exists in our mind: this is the way our mind processes physical data coming from the outside world.
Consequently, you  think that consciousness and reality may not be separated as science has always supposed.

How is it possible that our consciousness creates our reality? Let’s have a look at the main features of the quantum particles:

1. They can be measured as waves, so they can be present in different places at the same time
2. They are characterized by discontinuity
3. They can action-at-a-distance
4. Their wave-function are literally collapsed by our consciousness

This last point implies that particles  waves wouldn’t manifest without a conscious observer they would remain in a state of potentiality! Several scientists, such as Max Planck and Albert Einstein, came to this conclusion.
The double-slit experiment is the proof that a conscious observer is able to change the behaviour of an electron from a wave to a particle state.
This event occurs even when we use measurement systems to detect the activity of the particles. Machines are just the extension of our consciousness.
We would therefore say that physical reality cannot exist without subjectivity!

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