2 Powerful ingredients for freeing your body

semi di sesamo


An excess of sugar in the body causes an increase of mucus which is the ideal condition for micro-organisms to grow up and multiply.
These parasites feed on your own energy, so that means that you begin to starve for sugar.
What is more, these micro-organisms make your body enlarge its fat deposits.
If you get rid of parasites, you will have more energy and you will be slimmer.

There is a recepe which can help you to eliminate these parasites you may have in your body:

– grind 100 grams of linseed together with 10 grams of dried cloves until you get a powder form
– dissolve it in warm filtered water or add it to your breakfast. You will need to take 3 tablespoon every morning for 3 days
– after 3 days, take a 3-day break and start over
– do it for 1 month
– repeat the procedure several times a year

Enjoy it!

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