Food cravings? Your body is speaking to you


Have you ever had a sudden food craving? Well, do you know this is one of the main ways your body tries to communicate with you? And what does it want to tell you? Normally, it asks you for certain vitamins or minerals it’s lacking.

Food cravings are a pure mental processes which have nothing to do with hunger. Nevertheless, consider that it has been proven a strong connection between the brain and the gut, essentially because of the vagus nerve.

Craving is something totally different from hunger. The first is the mirror of your brain that is looking for satisfaction or specific nutrients; for example, a craving for chocolate is a sign of low magnesium. The second one is about the stomach telling you your body needs food to function normally! It’s a sort of survival mechanism!

Our body is always sending messages to our brain about what it is that it needs. That being said, knowing what those signals mean would help you to make healthier food choices.

I recommend you to read the infographic below, than, it will help!


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