The first humanoid robot ever…finally created!


Dr. Hiroshi Ishiguro has recently invented humanoid robots, almost indistinguishable from a human being.

This can be the future of telecommunications. They could also be used for factory jobs or any other jobs that involve repetitive tasks and data management.

Nowadays, they are still too expensive and, mostly, they are not independent, that means there is always the need of someone speaking through them and moving them with a computer software.

The humanoid robots don’t have any will, rationality or subjectivity, but they are capable of basic human interactions.

IBS has created a supercomputer called Watson: it is a cognitive technology that is able to use programmatic computing, natural language processing, dynamic learning, hypothesis generation and evaluation…this is basically what human do: learning, holding conversations, reading, generating hypotheses…

What if Professor Ishiguro contacts IBM in order to unite their two technologies? The world of Android plus the world of Cognitive technology.

So, the question is: are we ready to live with these robots? How shall we consider them? Are they persons? What is being human about?

I’ll leave you to judge for yourselves.

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