Did you know that creative genius is linked to distraction?


A new study, carried out by the Northwest University, has recently demonstrated there is a correlation between being distracted and having a genius creative mind.

The participants were asked to give account of their creations, while they were put through some thinking tests. The researchers measured their brain’s electrical impulses associated with sensory gating. The results showed that all the participants had a leaky sensory gating.

The reason for this is that distraction is essential for creativity. Distraction means being able not to block any kind of sensory information even when your attention is focused on a specific activity.

Genius and creative people are able to integrate any sensory information and to use them to enrich the creative process. It is known that many popular geniuses, such as Darwin, Proust, Chekov, were easily distracted.

Divergent thinking is a special thought process useful to generate creative ideas by exploring many different solutions.

Let’s try to practice on it!

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