UFO’s over the Arctic


New secretive photographs have emerged in French paranormal Magazine “Top secret”. The source is anonymous, but they are presumably believed to be taken in 1971 aboard the US Trepang submarine near Iceland.


These pictures show a black triangular and a cigar-shaped object flying over the sea.

Actually, this is just one among many photographs taken from all over the world testifying the possible existence of the UFO’s: airships, cigar-shaped type crafts..

Someone claims that this is just the evidence of secret US aircraft tests.

Others believe they could be alien ships searching for places to drill for oil.


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The controversial thing is that an inscription was found on one of the pictures saying: “Official Photograph. Not to be released”, while another one reads: “Unauthorized Disclosure Subject. Security Certificat SSN 674. Criminal Sanction”.

The number of UFO’s sightseeings has recently increased. The Mutual UFO Network (Mufon) has got numerous files which are opened for investigation. The most part of them come from USA in the number of 400 to 700 reports each month.


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