Vegetative state…is there a sort of awareness?

Doctor taking pulse of woman, mid section

Martin Pistorious was diagnosed a Cryptococci Meningitis that led him to live in a vegetative state for 12 years.


During the whole 12-year-time there was no improvement, so that the doctors expected he would have died. Surprisingly, he woke up spontaneously. He became a sporting hero and now he is about 40 yeas old.

He talked about this vegetative state experience many times. He said that he felt like being trapped in an useless body that wouldn’t cooperate. He was aware of everything, but nobody ever noticed that. He felt incredibly alone, as if he were invisible! He was even aware of his mother’s words about her wish for him to dye!

Remember that disabled individuals are normal people just trapped in different bodies. Their souls are alive and their hearts are sensitive!

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