A new apparent paradoxical discovery about milk



A recent revolutionary research confirmed that full-fat milk is better than low-fat skim. It for example lowers the risk of diabetes and obesity.

This breakthrough is the result of a 15-year study. Fat milk has been found to have a lot of positive effects on our body. Yes, it is fat, but it’s just the presence of many fat acids, reducing gastrointestinal transit, that let the intestinal mucosa absorb mill constituents better. Then, fat milk lower women’s risk of being overweight by 8% incredibly. Of course, we have to say that this is not a law! Everythimg depends on many variables, diet first of all. It’s crucial to understand that it’s about food as a whole, and not about single nutrients. We are basically what we eat. Consider that low-fat milk is high in sugar. Don’t take this as a free pass to eat cremy cheeses everyday!

Just remember that adults are not physiologically predisposed to drink milk. But, if you want to get it out of your system once in a whil, now you know that it’s better to drink a glass of full-fat milk instead of one of the many different kinds of low-fat and “healthy” milk you find in the supermarket.

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