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Nowadays, it’s becoming common for people to have open relationships. That’s why a new original dating site has been created just for polyamorous people.

In 2015, 42% of the site’s users said they had date someone in an open relationship and 27% said they had considered an open relationship. This is the reason why launched last year. What’s even more incredible is that around 36,000 people joined within only the first week.

We have to say that the concept of monogamy is almost outdated. Open relationship is not about cheating or having fun, but finding meaningful relationships without any possession and stress related to the unnatural habit of being a couple forever. The life-long monogamy model doesn’t work most of the time, that’s why there is the need of opening our minds to alternative more natural relationship styles. Gender equality as well as the acceptance of alternative sexualities can help to break away from old paradigms of how to love.

Polyamory, like monogaym is not for everyone, but it may be worth trying!

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