Neuroscience reveals listening to music boosts productivity in the workplace

Listening to music boosts productivity

Though we might underestimate the power of music, nobody can deny that it has an impact on our lives. And, for those of you who listen to music in the workplace, you’ll find that it affects your performance there too.

A new neuroscience-based music service called focus@will has been created to help you focus and retain information whilst working, and it’s proven to be extremely effective.

Scientists claim that the music service helps your brain to stay focused on a stimulus for over 100 minutes before you feel the need to take a break. This is the maximum amount of time that most people are usually able to concentrate for without feeling the urge to stretch and move about.

Each piece of music sequenced by focus@will plays a part in adjusting your brain, improving your focus and reducing distractions. Characteristics such as the key, tempo, intensity and emotional values determine what should be played where and when.


By using focus@will, you’ll ensure that your alertness level is maintained, that you retain information and keep distractions at bay. For a better understanding of how the service works, watch the video below.

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