Are you tired? 7 Ways to increase your energy


Not everyone is aware that our actions contribute to determine our energy levels. If you are tired and you follow your instinct to lay down and keep being quiet, you will never improve your condition! On the contrary, you will worsen it!

Try one by one these following ways to increase your energy levels when you are drained:

  1. Get some fresh air and sunlight: you will get more oxygen, vitamin D and dopamine.
  2. Listen to fast music: it will get your blood flowing faster.
  3. Get some exercise: it will get your blood circulating.
  4. Devote some time to your personal grooming: it will give you the impression to be ready to go out.
  5. Clean up: you will feel better to see your house cleaner and less cluttered.
  6. Run a quick errand: it will help you feel psychologically freer.
  7. Eat something healthy: it will help your body to build energy.

These activities will help you to get back into a high vibrational state. Try them gradually. So, do one of them, take a break, do another one and repeat the process.

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