The first item of E-bike from the future

Audi e-bike Woerthersee


Amsterdam-based VanMoof invented its new Electrified S bike, which is a smart, internet-connected electric bike.

It has got a a 250W electric motor and battery that’s good for up to 75 miles. I’t’s flat and it takes about 6 hours from empty to be completely charged. There’s also a touch screen for controlling speed with the bike’s body at the top for controlling all its functions. It can also be paired with a phone, thanks to Van Moof app. You can for example control speed, lock up or get a boost, turn the lights right from your mobile phone! This is possible thanks to a combination of Bluetooth and internet-connectivity. Even better, the app shows where your bike is at any time, and theft tracking can be enabled if needed.

This is only one of the new technologies that aims at improving your life and respecting the environment. Let’s hope all the future inventions will go this way!


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