Preventing diabetes is easy: simple steps


More than 24 million Americans have diabetes, but this number is likely to rise. It is the leading cause of blindness and kidney failure among adults. Since it causes nerve damage, circulation problems may occurr, leading to the loss of legs or feet. Diabetes increases the risk of heart disease and it is the 7th cause of death in U.S.. Diabetes type 2 is fortunately preventable simply by keeping weight under control, eating a healthy diet and not smoking. Diabetes occurs when our body can’t make enough insulin or can’t properly use the insulin. Insulin is an essential hormon whose activity is to let our cells use glucose…remember that our cells depend on glucose for most of their energy needs.

Although the genes you inherit may influence the development of type 2 diabetes (adult onset diabetes), western diet, combined with lack of physical activity and excess weight, increases the risk of developing this disease.

Simple steps to lower your risk?

  1. Control your weight
  2. Get moving
  3. Skip the sugary drinks
  4. Choose good fats
  5. Limit red meat
  6. Quit smoking
  7. Moderate the alcohol consumption

Just 5 words to preventing diabetes type 2 : Stay lean and stay active!

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