What happens into your body when you eat eggs?



Eggs represents the easiest way to increase your protein intake.
Each egg has 85 calories and its protein content is the same as 7 grams of muscle.
Moreover, they are full of amino acids, antioxidants, iron and the fat-fighting cholin which is located in the yolk.
It is preferable to buy organic eggs, because they are certified by USDA, that means they are free from antibiotics, hormones and vaccines.
Remember that nutritional value does not depend on the colour of the egg.

Here you can find 12 effects eggs can have on the human body:

1. They reduce the risk of heart deseases (even if eggs tend to raise LDL cholesterol, they get the LDL particles to change from small and dense to large, bringing down the risk of cardiovascular problems);
2. They boost the immune system;
3. They improve the cholesterol profile;
4. They improve the availability of body energy;
5. They improve your skin and hair (thanks to B-complex vitamins);
6. They make you be less hungry;
7. They make you loose weight;
8. They protect your brain (thanks to an essential nutrient called choline);
9. They provide you 11 essential amino acids wich are indispensable to life;
10. They reduce stress and anxiety;
11. They protect your eyes (they reduce the risk of macular degeneration and cataracts);
12. They improve your bones and teeth (they are natural source of Vitamin D).

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